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Bo Wang

PHD in chemistry

European Patent Attorney

Chinese Patent Attorney Qualification

Dr. Wang won the First Prize of the National Chemistry Olympaid in 1999, after which he studied chemistry at Fudan University, Shanghai, China. In 2006, Dr. Wang started his doctoral study at the University of St Andrews in UK with a EaStChem scholarship. He obtained his PHD degree in 2010, with his thesis on epitaxial growth of graphene on transition metal surfaces. In 2010-2013, Dr. Wang did a postdoctoral research in professor Heiz's group at the Technical University of Munich, focusing on size-selected metal particles and surface catalysis. During Dr. Wang’ study and research, he has published 12 papers on renowned journals of chemistry and material science (e.g. Angewandte Chemie, Advanced Materials, Nano Letters), some of which were presented as a cover page paper or VIP paper.

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Since 2013, Dr. Wang started his career in the field of intellectual property. After having a professional training in two patent firms in Germany, he was qualified as a European Patent Attorney in 2017. Besides that, he has also obtained Chinese Patent Attorney Qualification in 2016.

Dr. Wang's expertise areas include patent drafting, prosecution, and opposition proceedings, and expert opinions in the technical fields of chemistry, material science, mechanics, physics, biology and so on.

Languages: English, Chinese, German

Fan Zhang

Master’s degree in electrical engineering

European Patent Attorney

Chinese Patent Attorney Qualification

Mr. Zhang studied semiconductor physics at Shanghai University in China, before he continued his studies at the Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg in Germany, where he obtained his master’s degree in electrical engineering. After graduation, Mr. Zhang worked as a research engineer at several international companies.


In 2004, Mr. Zhang started his career in the field of intellectual property. Since then, he has worked in the IP/legal departments of the SIEMENS AG, the VOLKSWAGEN AG and the SCHINDLER Group.


Mr. Zhang is experienced in handling patent prosecution, oppositions and appeals, as well as industrial patent licensing, employee invention rights, IP management and patent portfolio development for enterprises.


Mr. Zhang’s technical fields include electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and physics, in particular communication technology, circuitry electronics, automation engineering, automotive engineering, semiconductor physics, software engineering, and general mechanics.


Mr. Zhang is a member of the Association of German Engineers (VDI), the Federation of Industrial Patent attorneys in Switzerland (VIPS) and the Vice President of the Technical Community of the Chinese-German Automotive Industry (TG-CDA).


Languages: German, English, Chinese


Xiaohua Zhang

Master’s degree in electrical engineering

Patent consultant

Ms. Zhang studied communication engineering at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in 1999. Ms. Zhang moved to Germany in 2004, and studied electrical engineering at the Technical University of Munich, where she obtained her master’s degree in 2010.


Ms. Zhang worked previously at the Huawei research institute, and has obtained extensive experience in industrial research and development.
​Mr. Zhang’s technical fields include electrical engineering, communication engineering and mechanics.

Languages: English, Chinese, German

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Yan Wang

Master's degree in chemistry

Chinese Patent Attorney Qualification

In 2003-2009, Ms. Wang studied chemistry at Nanchang University, China, where she obtained a bachelor's and master's degree. After graduation, Ms. Wang has been working as a R&D expert in three different chemical companies for almost 8 years. The new products developed by Ms. Wang were awarded with the First Prize of Excellent Novel Products of Jiangxi Province 2012, Third Prize for Scientific and technological progress at Nanchang 2012, as well as Third Prize of Excellent Novel Products of Jiangxi Province 2013.

In 2017, Ms. Wang successfully obtained Chinese Patent Attorney Qualification. 

Ms. Wang is responsible for contacting the clients in China, as well as the corresponding administration work of our law firm.

Languages: Chinese, English

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Kangyao Sun

Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering


Ms. Sun graduated in 2004 from China University of Petroleum (Beijing) with a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering. After that, Ms. Sun moved to Europe and lived in UK and Germany for more than 10 years.  Ms. Sun is experienced in IT support.

Ms. Sun joined our firm in 2017 and received an internal training related to procedural matters of European intellectual property.  Ms. Sun is responsible for the routing management of our firm, including procedural work, contacting clients, and website maintenance.

Languages: English, German, Chinese

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