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We are a European Patent Attorney law firm based in Germany, which is dedicated to providing a broad spectrum of legal services in respect of intellectual property.

Our patent attorneys have studied and worked in two or more different countries (such as China, Germany, UK and US), and have also dual Patent Attorney Qualifications of different countries/region. Thanks to the previous services to various international clients, all our patent attorneys have also gained invaluable insight into the local patent practice of countries other than the European member states.

It is well known that around 2000 years ago, Europe and China have already started long distance trade through the so-called "silk road", which was named by a German geographer Ferdinand von Richthofen in the 19th century. Our law firm aims to play a role resembling the silk road, however, for intangible IP under the international framework of Paris Convention or PCT instead of the tangible goods of the old days.​ We are familiar with the patent practice in both Europe and China, and also understand very well the culture differences thereof. Moreover, we will soon open a new office in China, which would provide one-stop service streamlining the IP business between Europe and China. 

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